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Printable Christmas Cards

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We have produced a set of six free printable Christmas cards that are simple to use to assist your church and its ministries in spreading Bible-based greetings. Each printable card has a seasonal statement and colorful watercolor illustrations. Simply download the Christmas card template, print them on cardstock, then add a quick handwritten note to each one to make them unique.

Sending out Christmas cards is a quick and efficient method to let folks know you're thinking of them throughout the holidays. Additionally, if you have a few willing "elves" from your congregation, you can use a printable Christmas card to create tiny presents that will bring even more day-brightening joy. Start with greeting card concepts; they could inspire you to explore more during the Christmas season or just to wish members of your congregation a Merry Christmas or a happy new year.

Product Detail

This Christmas card template is professionally created with full-color graphics and six encouraging Bible passages in a FREE, simple-to-download PDF file. These free printable Christmas cards can be used in a variety of ways for personal use or by various outreach ministry programs within your church. 

The printable Christmas card template can be cut along the light gray lines. Then you can do all sorts of things with these uplifting holiday card messages. Here are a few of our favorite uses during the holiday season for these free printable Christmas cards.

  • Print a stack of the card templates and leave them on a welcome table in the church's foyer and announce to church members to pick them up for their own personal needs.
  • Print a Christmas card on heavy stock paper, frame or laminate them to give as a token of friendship or support.
  • Include them in Christmas card mailings and deliveries to family or friends.
  • Create bookmarks for your Bible.
  • Take the art from any of the cards and use them as art in your church newsletter.
  • Take the single-sided Christmas card, keypunch them, and add a keyring to make Christmas gifts.
  • Tape cards on nursing home windows to decorate rooms (you can even hang them on a Christmas tree) or include a Christmas greeting card in care packages for your shut-in members.
  • Print cards on heavy paper, keypunch them and use them as a gift tag for your Christmas packages.
  • Print the Christmas cards and leave them around your house to read and consider God's Word with your kids and the extended family.

Technical & Printing Information for Free Printable Christmas cards: 

  • Downloadable PDF file that includes six (6) card designs.
  • Pages are designed to be printed on 8-1/2" x 11" paper. In your printer settings, choose Actual Size (not scaled up or down). 

Usage Guidelines: 

  • Communication Resources, Inc. is granting you unlimited sharing rights. You may share all the content found in the PDF in any way you wish.  
  • You may alter the content only to add information such as your church's name or a personal message.
  • You may NOT resell the content as a whole or any of its parts.  
  • You may NOT remove, edit or alter any copyright information. 

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