Teach young children Bible Stories using baby sign language
Teach young children Bible Stories using baby sign language Making Bible learning fun using hand signs and sign language Baby sign elements for teaching young children about the Bible and Bible stories Use hand gestures and hand movements to teach children about the Bible Teach the Bible and share Bible stories to preverbal and verbally delayed children using Baby Sign language Use Bible signs to share Bible stories with young children.

Children's Bible Signs - Volume 1 (Creation-Joseph)

Memory Verse Book

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Children’s Bible Signs is an innovative and fun way to help preschool- and elementary-age children connect with Bible stories in a real and powerful way. It transforms teaching from frustrating to fun, with experiences that kids will ask to do.  

Why use Children’s Bible Signs?  
Children’s Bible Signs is carefully crafted using Touch, Sight and Sound. When these three teaching methods are combined and repeated often, even lessons we adults might tend to shy away from become concepts that kids can understand and retain.  

How does Children’s Bible Signs work?
Each Children’s Bible Signs lesson incorporates elements of Baby Sign to teach kinesthetically and visually. Baby Sign is a powerful tool not only for children with expressive delays or who can’t communicate verbally but also for preverbal children or those just learning to talk. Many parents begin using Baby Sign with kids as young as six months to help them communicate needs such as hunger. Because young children pick up and retain signs much more quickly than spoken words, Baby Sign lets them communicate their wants even before they can speak.

When you incorporate Children’s Bible Signs with verbal repetition in a teaching setting, children will engage actively with Scripture in a brand-new way.

Product Detail

Memory verses are a great way to learn Scripture. The challenge with young children is how to help them remember all those words. Often we boil down a verse into bite-sized phrases that aren’t the full verse from Scripture.  

The Children’s Bible Signs Memory Verse Book offers a new solution! We've included hand gestures and movement alongside full memory verses from the English Standard Version (ESV) and New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. Watch with amazement as kids repeat back to you full Scripture verses with enthusiasm! It will warm your heart to see young children honor God by expressing his love and strength this way.  

The Memory Verse Book includes 24 verses, along with photos showing the signs to help children memorize the words.  

Use these memory verses with the lessons or on their own around the house.